The Little Flower that Could

There is a sensational feeling when little things or people make big differences! Like when a little dog frightens a GIANT dog, or possibly a toddler who lifts something much too big for him - yet somehow: does it. As humans, we love to marvel at these contrasts! There is a flower reminds that me just of this: chamomile. The littler flower that could.

What is chamomile? It is a perennial plant that blooms little daisy like flower heads and feathery leaves. The flowers are typically harvested in the summer and are native to Europe and parts of Asia. 

A brief history:  Historically, many civilizations have worshipped/or held it in such high esteem:

Egyptians - dedicated the herb to the sun ad worshiped it above all other herbs because of how powerful it was. Hieroglyphic document  that chamomile was used cosmetically for several  1,000 years.

Anglo Saxon's - chamomile is one of the “Nine Sacred Herbs” of the “Lacnunga”, an ancient Anglo-Saxon manuscript.

Greek's - physicians prescribed it for fevers and female disorders.

Colonial America - Chamomile was a staple in doctors medicine bags and a common request from school houses to the parents of their pupils. America literally has been soothed by Chamomile from our very beginnings. 

What is the most common ailments that it can ease/help in the healing process?

  • anxiety
  • sleeping trouble
  • upset stomach
  • chest Colds
  • skin Conditions (psoriasis, eczzema, sebhorric dermatitis EI - dandruff)
  • menstrual pain

We could write PHD level research papers on chamomile, but we'll leave you with this snapshot - for now!

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<3 - Alice & Sam, Lotus Gypsy Tea